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Charming log cabins and contemporary ski resort-inspired buildings that share the landscape with pine forests and lush mountain ranges. A breezy, cool climate that will make you pull your wrap a little tighter, even as you welcome the chilly air working its way through your hair. Stunning vistas that greet you from every angle. These are what makes living at the top special. The Highlands communities offer premium residences that seamlessly fuse together leisure and luxury. At every turn are breathtaking views, letting homeowners enjoy the majesty of nature right from their balconies.



Play at the top of your game. Take your pick between two exclusive and world-class golf courses in Tagaytay Highlands. Take on a high altitude adventure at the 18-hole Highlands golf course or a challenging game at the 27-hole championship Midlands golf course. 


Find your ideal mountain hideaway in our various themed residential developments. Every community is innovatively designed to cater to the most discriminating tastes and each residence holds a promise of a relaxed and cozy lifestyle with your loved ones.


    Gaze at the most distinct panoramic views of Taal Lake and Volcano, Mt. Makiling, the Canlubang Valley and Laguna de Bay.  Be mesmerized and watch as the sun sets on the lush greeneries. Who knows? You might catch a glimpse of some of the 75 species of birds documented to be official feathered residents of the mountain resort.  


Preserve family ties and traditions in Tagaytay Highlands’  holistic environment where you can share quality time with your family.  This cool and serene mountaintop sanctuary is the perfect backdrop  for creating harmonious bonds between generations.


Capture every moment of bliss in Tagaytay Highlands. Make the most out of life and celebrate every milestone like royalties. With our  premier facilities, excellent gourmet selections and personalized services, we provide you nothing but the best.


Enjoy an array of fun-filled activities for all ages. Spend each day full of excitement, adrenaline and endless wonder for nature. Maintain an active lifestyle here at Tagaytay Highlands.

Tagaytay Highlands is home to The Highlands, The Midlands and The Greenlands, a network of exclusive, themed residential communities that's complemented by Asia's most exciting golf courses, a selection of restaurants and a variety of leisure activities, all set amidst the stunning views of majestic Taal Lake and the lush, cool mountains. And it's all just 75kms or 90 minutes away from the Makati business district.
The Highlands is a sought after property that sits along the highest elevation of Tagaytay with the distinction of having gorgeous 360-degree views, a relaxing cool climate and proximity to the club amenities. 
Land Area:          Approx. 360 hectares
Elevation:            Aprox. 2,000 - 2,500 feet above sea level

The Midlands is a bird sanctuary with themed enclaves inspired by architecture and culture from different countries, thus, creating a picture of a truly international community. 
Land Area:          Approx. 670 hectares
Elevation:            Approx. 1,000 - 1,500 feet above sea level

The Greenlands helps you rediscover a less complicated lifestyle, where communities are tightly knit to encourage camaraderie, homes are airy and welcoming, and life is approached holistically. 
Land Area:          Approx. 260 hectares
Elevation:            Approx. 400 - 920 feet above sea level

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When people think of Tagaytay, they envision a relaxing town for vacationers that is convenient to go to. Just a 90 minute drive away from Metro Manila, many flock to Tagaytay to experience the cool weather, enjoy the culinary delights, and explore different destinations. And considering how close Tagaytay is to the Metro, why not just get your own vacation house instead of constantly spending to rent a house or book a hotel room?

If you’re looking for that perfect vacation house for sale in Tagaytay, then Tagaytay Highlands is just the place for you. Its prime and premiere location as well as its plush amenities will certainly satisfy your holiday needs.

Buy, Don’t Rent

With Tagaytay being a short drive away from the Metro, chances are, you’ll be in the area at least once a month to escape the fast-paced capital. This makes buying a vacation house the most practical choice for you instead of renting one. With renting, there is always the possibility of hotels and rest houses becoming fully booked. Thankfully, Tagaytay Highlands doesn’t just offer living spaces - they offer houses that go beyond what their clients expect.

Decorate to Your Heart’s Content

The great thing about Tagaytay Highlands is it offers a perpetual holiday vibe without sacrificing luxury and comfort - that is the best thing our homes can offer.

Different Lodging Communities to Choose From

Everyone has their own unique styles and personalities that they want to be represented in their homes. Tagaytay Highlands recognizes those desires for uniqueness and self-expression, so we cater to that need by offering a variety of lodgings for you to pick from. Choose one from more than 160 log cabins with several different layouts from The Woodlands. If you’re more attracted to a condominium type of unit, check out Woodridge Place.
If you want to see more information and photos of the other communities from which you can purchase your vacation house, take a look at the various Tagaytay Highlands properties available.

Boredom Not an Option

That vacation house will definitely be put to its best use if you’ve got your extended family or your friends to invite over so they can have new, exciting, and lavish things to see, hear, taste, feel, and do. Here at Tagaytay Highlands, you’ll find plenty of activities to fill your vacation schedule such as fishing, horseback riding, swimming, golf and many others. On the other hand, if relaxation is your aim, head over to our Sports Center sauna for a massage. Either way, whatever you choose to do, you’ll be doing it in the most enjoyable and luxurious way possible.

For more information regarding our vacation homes for sale, feel free to contact us. Do enjoy during your holiday here in the place many before you have called their “second home”, Tagaytay Highlands.

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There are many places in the Philippines that are both beautiful and convenient, making them ideal choices as places of residence. Among them is Tagaytay, thanks to its chilly, relaxing air and its enchanting view of the Taal Lake and Volcano. In fact, Tagaytay is not just a popular place for residential areas; it’s actually where one of the most exclusive homes in the country is located. Its name: Tagaytay Highlands.

Log Cabins

If you are looking for a sophisticated yet calming charms of a mountainside resort, then you will find Tagaytay Highlands’ log cabins to your liking. Take your pick between the two; one is just as classy as the other.
  • Woodlands Point - these log cabins, which are inspired by contemporary ski resorts, sit in an ambience that is full of evergreen pine trees and mountain ranges, and a chilly mountain air, making it feel like a cozy and restful haven away from the hustle and bustle of civilization.
  • The Woodlands - with its North American log cabins that are made out of Western red cedar, which give off the scent of clean mountain air, and its panoramic view of the Highlands Golf Clubhouse, The Woodlands have a distinctly rustic and relaxing feel to it.
Despite what a lot of people say, luxurious living isn’t as hard to get. Tagaytay Highlands is the place to be, with its rich and tasteful amenities, it really is a premier residential place that is perfect for you.


If you prefer the high-rise life, then our condominiums will suit your taste. Our towers’ units feature a stylish interior, from which you can view the beautiful Taal Lake and Volcano. We offer a selection of two units: Woodridge Place and Horizon.
  • Woodridge Place - inspired by the mountain resorts and ski lodges in Colorado, Woodridge Place is designed with the thought of big families in mind. It is further divided into two buildings: Mahogany and Linden.
  • Horizon - this condo, which offers three-bedroom units, features a minimalist design on its exterior. Aside from its contemporary looks, it is an ideal golfer’s respite, as it conveniently faces the Midlands golf course.

Our Tagaytay luxury homes are one of the best and most elegant places in the country where you can choose to live in. And if you make Tagaytay Highlands your choice, you will be offered with even more choices, with each of them suiting different tastes.


Tagaytay Highlands will be offering up to sixteen prime lots; all of them promising a homely and luxurious living experience. Here are three prime examples:
  • Sycamore Heights - right in the middle of a prime location in Tagaytay Highlands is this residential space, which offers a breathtaking view of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. It also boasts a contemporary Asian theme, which is greatly influenced by themes of nature.
  • Aspenhills - a project concept that is set to be a ranch getaway that features log homes with the contemporary appeal of glass and the rustic charms of stone and wood.
  • Nob Hill - this subdivision will be the only one in the entirety of Tagaytay Highlands to have homes that feature modern architecture. These homes also promise eco-friendliness, as they will have simple, geometrical, and rhythmical lines, and will also include large picture windows that will easily let in natural light, giving your home better illumination from the sun.

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At some point in our lives, we will want to live in a place away from the stress of city life. If you’re on the lookout for the best Tagaytay homes for sale, look no further than Tagaytay Highlands. It stands at the top as the premiere haven and the most exclusive getaway for people who need to take a break from the chaos that is the Metro. It is a grand and splendid place to live in, a mountain resort hideaway that caters to anybody’s extravagant taste.

Choose the Vacation Lifestyle

Tagaytay Highlands has the most exquisite and astonishing homes that will make you feel like everyday living is such a bliss. Nestled in the hills of Tagaytay and surrounded by the magnificence of nature that people could only dream to experience, you can enjoy a lifestyle that constantly relaxes and replenishes you.

A Variety of Styles to Choose From

Every home is unique and holds a unique beauty and prowess that spells out the personalities and lifestyles of their owners. Tagaytay Highlands proudly caters to every person’s unique taste in interior and style. From the wondrous Lakeview Heights that boasts 4 bedrooms with 315 sq., in size to the fusion of traditional and contemporary Japanese architecture offered by Katsura, there’s a little piece of home for everybody.

Luxury Living at its Finest

Tagaytay Highlands is the standard for luxury living. As if the facilities would not entice you enough, the cool climate and the astounding aesthetic that that the natural surroundings of Tagaytay Highlands holds would give you an awe-inspiring air that will make you truly feel the comfort and closeness to nature of a country club life. Enjoy a pleasant lifestyle with amenities that will amaze you every single time: Helipads, Country Clubs, Swimming Pools, Spas, and fine dining in one of many exquisite world-class restaurants found within the resort community. All of these are specially catered according to what your heart desires.

Be a Part of this Premiere Residential Place
Tagaytay Highlands stays true to their motto “For those who deserve the finer things in Life” and you can be sure that nothing falls short. As one of the most sought after residential places in the country only a fool would even for a second think about not living in this place. A life of luxury and comfort is just a 90 minute drive away from the Metro, what more can you ask for?

If you’d like to know more, check out the list of Tagaytay Highlands properties here.

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